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Behind-The-Scenes Insight Into WWE’s Expectation For Raw Viewership

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As was expected, the season debut of “Monday Night Football” caused “WWE Raw” to endure a top dog in viewership this week. As per the numbers delivered by Wrestlenomics, WWE’s lead show on the USA Network found the middle value of 1.71 million watchers more than three hours, down from last week’s 2.054 million watchers.

In spite of the huge plunge in viewership, WWE is supposedly not in that frame of mind of frenzy mode and really anticipated that the numbers should be more regrettable, taking into account the way that “Crude” clashed against both MNF and the Emmy Awards.

As per Fightful Select, a few sources inside WWE “anticipated that the WWE Raw number should be lower than the 1.7 million that they handled for this present week.”

WWE’s viewership has seen a consistent increase since Triple H took command as the advancement’s Head of Creative, with “Crude” averaging more than 2.2 million watchers for the August 1 episode, the show’s biggest numbers in over two years. Since that post-SummerSlam episode, “Crude” held consistent in the 1.9 to 2 million territory, until the latest plunge politeness of the Denver Broncos versus Seattle Seahawks game this week.

Moreover, last year’s MNF season opener caused a significantly greater imprint in WWE’s viewership, with the 9/13/2021 episode of “Crude” averaging 1.67 million watchers. In correlation, “Crude” was up 2.4 percent in by and large viewership from that very week in 2021, while the 18-49 key demo additionally saw an increase of 2.32 percent. Clearly, the year-on-year expansion in viewership looks good for Triple H and Co. proceeding.

It is not yet clear if “Crude” can bounce back in the appraisals one week from now. Bobby Lashley versus Seth Rollins for the U.S. Title and Kevin Owens versus Austin Theory has been reported for the show hitherto.

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