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Claudio Castagnoli Comments On What It Was Like To Work With John Cena

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John Cena set a model for Claudio Castagnoli. The ROH World Championn and AEW star plunked down with Kurt Angle on the most recent episode of “The Kurt Angle Show” and was asked what it resembled to work with Cena while they were both in WWE.

“I’ve only beneficial comments about John,” Castagnoli said to Angle and co-have Paul Bromwell. “John is a marvelous individual and he has an extremely exclusive expectation for himself, and he’s one of those individuals that doesn’t simply say how you ought to get it done or say how it ought to be finished. He shows you. He does it consistently, he lives it. Assuming he advises you to observe all the matches, he’s staying there at the screen observing all the matches. In the event that he tells you, ‘You ought to work out,’ he is there working out promptly in the first part of the day.

“That is somewhat the way in which I attempt to do my profession, is anything I would agree, I’d do what needs to be done, and to pay heed, that is great, and if not, I feel as I would rather not bark everything around.”

Castagnoli highlighted the match he and Cena had on an episode of “WWE Raw” when Cena was doing a week by week open test for his United States Title. Castagnoli, then known as Cesaro, was one of the men to acknowledge the demand.

“He was incredible by then, yet every match he needs to go out there and demonstrate it,” Castagnoli proceeded. “He’s the one that said, ‘You’re consistently comparable to your last match,’ so that sort of stayed with me in light of the fact that each time you leave that shade you need to win over everyone.”

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