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Sasha Banks Reveals Pro Wrestler Turned Actor That She Looks Up To

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Whether she’s Mercedes Varnado or WWE star Sasha Banks, the WWE Women’s Grand Slam Champion is attempting to utilize her foundation to “dream greater.”

“At the point when I got the call for ‘Star Wars,’ I thought, wow I can possibly be not just discussed in a similar profession [not only] with those folks in the wrestling domain yet additionally in the Hollywood domain,” Banks said in a meeting with “Ahch-To Radio” have Alden Diaz.

Banks, who plays Khoska Reeves on the well known Star Wars show “The Mandolorian,” saw the potential in blending her acting profession in with her dynamic wrestling vocation.

“You don’t see ladies come from that space to the Hollywood world,” Banks said, noticing that individuals don’t frequently hop into films while they’re at the highest point of their game. “It’s normally when they’re resigned or harmed or something of that sorts. I’m in my prime, thriving.”

Banks said the excursion has made her admire grappler turned-entertainer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“He’s the main entertainer in the entire mother truckin’ world,” Sasha spouted. “He came from wrestling. He’s just been in wrestling for a short measure of time yet his effect alone lets you know how hard of a work he put in. So when I see individuals like him I’m very much like ‘okay it’s opportunity to one-it-up and do it for the ladies. I’m attempting to do this for the ladies going ahead that we can be in similar light, in similar discussions as every one of them.”

While Banks discusses being at the “highest point of her game,” the previous boss has been remarkably missing from proficient wrestling since leaving WWE with her label accomplice Naomi, abandoning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship simultaneously. Banks has been mum on if or when she’ll get back to WWE yet said “remain tuned.”

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